Unit 5: Poetry and Songs



  • Write each word of a poem on a post-it or index card. Try out different line breaks by rearranging the poem in all different ways. Choose your favorite and write the poem.
  • Challenge yourself to use each craft move studied in school to make your own Crafty Poetry Anthology. Each poem in your anthology should highlight a different craft move. Craft moves to include: similes, metaphors, repetition, personification, rhyming, imagery, line breaks, 5 senses.

Games & Activities:

Mystery Poem:

Chose a mystery object. Write a poem describing the object. Read it to a friend/family member. Have them guess what the mystery object is!

Shape Poem:

Write your poem in the shape of what you are writing about. For example, a fish, or a flower.

Sensory Poem:

Choose a topic and write a poem based on your five senses.

I hear…

I smell…

I see…

I feel…

I taste…

Acrostic Poem:

Choose a word within one of the topics below and write an acrostic poem to describe it.

-Food (Ex: pizza, spaghetti, meatball, sushi, popcorn)

-Color (Ex: pink, purple, black, yellow)

-Sport (Ex: soccer, football, basketball)

-Friend (choose a friend’s name)

-Family (choose a familiy member)

Color Poem:

Use similes to compare objects by color.


_____ is as red as _____

_____ is as orange as _____

Choose a special small object from your home. Hold it in your hand to observe it closely. Use your senses to describe the object in a poem. Use craft moves life metaphors, similes, and personification to make your poem come to life!


Watch this video about similes and metaphors then try writing some examples!

Online Games (Websites & Apps):

Listen to audio poems and read along line by line!


Games & Activities:

  • Have a family member print out or type up a favorite poem. Illustrate the poem with pictures that match the words and meaning.
  • Visit an art museum for poetry inspiration! Take a pen and paper and write poems at the museum. Include line breaks, similes, metaphors, repetition, and descriptive language.
  • Go to the library and check out poetry books. Practice reading the poems. Look for examples of the craft moves similes, metaphors, repetition, line breaks, and imagery.
  • Make a list of commonly used adjectives. Write juicy synonyms to reference to while writing your poetry!
    • (Ex: Large_Enormous)
    • (Ex: Happy_Joyful)


  • Make a ____(family name)_____ family poem! Have each family member contribute a line that tells/describes why your family is special and unique.


  • Learn the lyrics to one of your family’s favorite songs. Make a video reading or singing the lyrics in a clear, smooth voice.

Articles & Resources:

List of poems by strategy