1st Grade Families…Get Hopping!

The first grade teachers have compiled amazing activities for their students and families to try at home. In fact, you can even H.O.P. during this holiday weekend. See below for some ideas!

Going on a Road Trip?

You can learn a patriotic song to sing in the car to support the Social Studies unit!

Staying Local?

You can do a shape hunt in the neighborhood to practice Geometry.

Near Water?

Try a Sink vs. Float Investigation to work your Science muscles!

For more enriching ways to bring classwork to life at home check out all the 1st grade H.O.P.s! (Go to H.O.P. – 1st grade – and select the unit).

Get Hopping Grades 2 & 4

Hello PS11,

We are proud to inform you that two grades, 2nd and 4th, have launched H.O.P. (Home-based Optional Practice) for their new units!

Go to H.O.P. on our homepage, find your grade, and then you will be taken to H.O.P options for each of your new units!

Let us know what you think.