Unit 7: Modeling with Data


1.How Tall?: Measure objects around your house using non-standard units (e.g. paper clips, coins, dominoes or anything else you have that you can lay end to end).

  • Use one non-standard unit to measure how tall one object is. Measure from top to bottom.
  • Do it again with a different non-standard unit.
  • Were the measurements the same or different? Why?
  • Record your work with pictures, numbers and words.

2.Learn about Heavy and Light with Sesame Street! Watch a sesame street video like this one hereNow go teach your family what you’ve learned! Feel free to use objects around your house to demonstrate.  


1.Let’s Compare: Use your measurement vocabulary to complete this worksheet.

2.Measure and Color the Length!

3.Play dough worms: Roll four different play dough snakes (Like the ones below). Sort them in order from shortest to longest.100’s chart counting!


4.Use this 100’s chart to practice counting to 100 and skip counting by 10’s.