Unit 5 & 7: Becoming Avid and Resourceful Readers

Units​ ​5 & 7:​ ​ ​Becoming​ ​Avid​ ​ ​Readers A big goal of this unit is transfer and showing kids how they can apply the reading skills they are learning to all sorts of situations and under all types of conditions. The first part of the unit invites children to fall in love with characters by becoming the characters in their books, acting out little scenes, and recognizing and naming the types of ellings these characters have. The next part of the unit sends the message that avid readers also love reading and learning from nonfiction books. Children share this knowledge with others in topic-based reading clubs. The last part of the unit celebrates poetry and songs in order to develop fluency and to strengthen phonological awareness.

Unit​ ​Outcomes:

  • I can use strategies to read tricky words.
  • I can think about what is happening in my books.
  • I can reread in different ways.
  • I can talk about my books with my partner.


Activities and Games:

  • Reread a book to make your voice sound smooth.
  • Reread a book to find parts to share with someone else.
  • Reread a book to solve tricky words.
  • Make up your own poem.
  • Practice the strategy you’ve been working on in Reading Workshop.
  • Make a poster of what you learned from your non-fiction book.
  • Read and/sing poems.
  • Jot down what you learned from the book.



Activities and Games:

  • Read and act out a book together.
  • Read a book and discuss the character’s feelings.
  • Read a non-fiction book and share what you learned.
  • Read and sing poems together.
  • Make up your own poems.
  • Talk about how a character’s feeling changed from the beginning to the end.
  • Tell an adult how you would feel if you were the character.
  • Tell an adult what you learned about the character by looking at their facial expressions.
  • Tell an adult what you learned about the character by the way they act.
  • Share with an adult all the different reading strategies you used to figure out tricky words


  • Have an adult record you reading a book. Reflect on how you sound.
  • Read a book with your adult and record your reading in your best storyteller voice.