Unit 7: Becoming Avid and Resourceful Readers


Activities and Games:

  • Reread a book to make your voice sound smooth.
  • Reread a book to find parts to share with someone else.
  • Reread a book to solve tricky words.
  • Make up your own poem.
  • Practice the strategy you’ve been working on in Reading Workshop.
  • Make a poster of what you learned from your non-fiction book.
  • Read and/sing poems.
  • Jot down what you learned from the book.



Activities and Games:

  • Read and act out a book together.
  • Read a book and discuss the character’s feelings.
  • Read a non-fiction book and share what you learned.
  • Read and sing poems together.
  • Make up your own poems.
  • Talk about how a character’s feeling changed from the beginning to the end.
  • Tell an adult how you would feel if you were the character.
  • Tell an adult what you learned about the character by looking at their facial expressions.
  • Tell an adult what you learned about the character by the way they act.
  • Share with an adult all the different reading strategies you used to figure out tricky words


  • Have an adult record you reading a book. Reflect on how you sound.
  • Read a book with your adult and record your reading in your best storyteller voice.