Unit 1: Addition &​ ​Subtraction (part 1)​ ​​


Online Games (Websites & Apps.)

Games and Activities

  • Roll two dice, add the numbers together!
  • Find combinations of 5 or 10 in your everyday life! Ex: I have 2 pennies in my pocket. How many more do I need to have 5 pennies?
  • Make a list of all of your combinations of 5 and 10.
  • Make a list of the number of things you have in your house or apartment. Count up how many pillows there are, how many apples do we have in the fridge, etc.
  • Practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.


  • Collect groups of ten objects. Make a poster showing what you found!
  • Write an addition problem at the top of your poster. Challenge yourself to show 2 or more strategies below for solving that problem!
  • Create your own fact family poster!



Games & Activities:

  • Go for a walk together. Add and subtract one along your walk! Ex: We are on 10th street. If we walk one more block north, what number street will we be on? If we walk one more block south, what number street will we be on?
  • Set the table for a family dinner together and talk about the number of plates, cups and utensils you need! Ex: We have 3 plates on the table, how many will we have if we add one more (take one away)?
  • Create a book of word problems that you create! (Ex: I have 3 pens in my bag and you have 2 pens in your bag. Who has more pens?) Quiz a member of your family to see if they can solve the problems?
  • You and a family member each roll two dice. Add the numbers together. Whoever has the higher number wins the round! Keep track of points in each round to declare a winner.
  • Teach a family member about what an equal sign means. Write equations together that are true and false and see if you can quiz others!



    • Going on a Number Walk
    • Number Salad
    • Create a Counting Book
    • Going on a Nature Walk