Unit 5: Persuasive Writing of All Kinds


Worksheets:  Persuasive Writers start with a strong sentence starter! Pick one below and complete the sentence.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.48.39 PM.png


  • Community Helper: Pick something in your neighborhood that needs improvement.  Who do you need to help you? Write them a letter.  Be sure to state the problem, reasons why it’s a problem, and solution. Give them the letter and get started making changes!
  • Summer, Autumn, Spring, Fall:  In your opinion, which season is the best? Give a few reasons why!  You might want to paint a picture of your favorite season to show why you love it so much!

Games & Activities:

  • Flip-Flop Persuader: Pick a topic (suggestion: we need more little yard time.) First, persuade why we need more little yard.  Now flip-flop! Change your stance on the issue and persuade why we don’t need anymore little yard.



Articles & Resources:

Five Online Games that Teach Kids the Art of Persuasion


  • Identifying Problems to Solve: Jot down problems you see around the house.  Is your brother making the bedroom messy? Are family members forgetting to turn off a light when they leave the house?  Make a list of problems to write away!
  • Plan a Petition! Are you upset about something going on in your house or your neighborhood? Do you think others might have the same opinion as you? Write a petition and collect those signatures! Make sure you state the problem, explain why it’s a problem, and offer a solution.  Try to collect 4 signatures and if someone doesn’t agree with you, remember – that’s okay!

Games & Activities:

  • Piggie and Elephant: Read the book “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!” Was the pigeon convincing? Why or why not?
  • Who’s the stronger persuader? Find two friends or family members.  Pick one to be the “audience.” The audience gets to pick a persuasion topic for the other two.  The topic might be “convince me to go outside right now” or “convince me to share my snack with you”.  The other two partners get to take turns persuading the person who’s playing audience! The two persuaders have to rely on using persuasive words.