What is P.D.F?

P.D.F. is an acronym that stands for playtime, downtime, and family time. Research that focused on “protective factors for kids – those things every kid needs in order to thrive physically, mentally, and academically was boiled down into three main categories for well-being (P.D.F).”

Category What is it? What does it look like?
Playtime “The work of kids.” Anything that brings joy.
  • Structured Activities (after school classes like Hip Hop)
  • Unstructured Activities (playing with toys).*
  • Child initiated and directed

*Research suggests that unstructured and kid-directed play is linked to increased cognitive skills, physical health, self-regulation, language abilities and social skills (Alliance for Childhood, 2010; Barker et al.,2014; Hofferth & Sandberg, 2001)

Downtime Time to relax, reflect, and unwind.
  • Unstructured and non-academic activities
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a book
  • Taking a walk
Family Time Literally spending time with family.
  • Eating meals together
  • Family rituals and traditions
  • Rooting on your favorite team
  • Movie/Game Night
  • Taking a hike