1st Grade

Welcome to 1st grade’s H.O.Ps! On this page, you will find each content area with the units listed below. Click on the unit to learn about great ways to practice what your child is in learning in class, at home. If you are interested in learning more,  here is the research that inspired our new vision of homework.

In addition, here you can see the First Grade Year in the Life document which will give you an overview of what to look forward to this year.

This padlet has many resources for you to do at home: https://padlet.com/ps11parentresources/kinder_first

Online books:




  • Unit 1: How-to Books
  • Unit 2: Small Moments
  • Unit 3: Nonfiction Chapter Books
    • Brainstorm topics that you know all about to write your own ALL ABOUT BOOK! Ask yourself, what activities, places or things am I an expert on? For example, minecraft, legos, Chelsea Piers, soccer etc. 
    • Choose a topic and plan! What do I know all about my topic? (Types of…how to…kinds of)
    • Build your table of contents! What are the different chapters you will include in your book? 
    • Read the mentor text Cuddle Up with Cats! Then, sketch and write across pages. 
    • Re-read your book after you write across pages. How can you elaborate to add more details to make your teaching more interesting and clear? 
      • Size, shape, color and number
      • Juicy action words
      • Labels and pictures
    • Make your writing READABLE! Edit! Check for punctuation, upper and lowercase letters and word wall words.
  • Unit 4: Reviews (persuasive writing)
  • Unit 5: Realistic Fiction



Social Studies

Our Social Studies units investigate the following essential questions throughout the year!

  • Why are families important and how do they influence who we are?
  • How do families grow and change over time?
  • What is a community?
  • How do jobs and money affect communities?
  • Community Links