Unit 4: Measurement and Time




  • Make a schedule for your favorite day of the week. Be sure to include the start time and end time for every part of your day. Draw a picture to show what you do during the time.
  • Make a paper plate clock with a minute and hour hand

Games & Activities:

  • Measure different household objects. Measure each object using a ruler and a non-standard form of measurement (paper clips, kid steps, cubes, pencils)


Online Games (Websites & Apps):



  • Measure objects around your house that you use everyday. Order them from shortest to longest
  • Measure the height of everyone in your family and compare heights through a representation of a labeled family portrait
  • Measure the length of everyone’s feet in your household
  • Make a schedule poster or book, showing the times you do different activities throughout the day

Games & Activities:

  • Have a parent or family member quiz you on telling the time on your paper clock.
  • Measure how many steps it takes you get to school or a place close to your house.


  • Get a yardstick or tape measurer and measure the length and width of your room first in inches and then in feet. Compare the measurements. What do you notice? Which unit of measurement was more efficient and why?
  • Design a blueprint of your apartment. Create your blueprint so that it is made to scale. This will require you to measure each room of your apartment and then come up with a way to scale it down to a piece of paper or poster.
  • Make paper airplanes with family and friends. Throw your planes from one side of a hall to the other. Measure how far your planes flew using your choice of measurement (kid steps, inches, feet). Compare the different lengths that the planes flew? Who’s plane flew the farthest?
  • Plant something and record how tall your plant grows every week in centimeters or inches. Figure out how much man inches or centimeters your plant grew from the week before.
  • Choose your favorite dessert and find a recipe for it. Measure out all the ingredients according to the recipe.
  • Make a 24 hour timeline and draw a picture of what you do at each hour.
  • Look at a clock to tell the time, before you start an activity (getting ready for school, eating breakfast, taking a shower, doing your nightly reading). Determine how long it took you to do the activity based on the time it is when you finish.

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