Nonfiction Units


Online Games (Websites & Apps):


Watch these videos and jot. Think about the main idea as you read and remember to organize your jots so they make sense to you.

Games & Activities:

  • Read several different nonfiction books on the same topic and compare and contrast the information you are learning.
  • Illustrate a page in your nonfiction book.
  • Create a new title for your nonfiction book


  • Create a comic strip version of the book or information text you are reading.  
  • Make an illustrated glossary of terms.
  • Use the nonfiction jot menu to jot about your reading.
  • Make a poster representing a person you read about in a biography.


Games & Activities:

  • Act it out!! With a family member act out 1 or more important parts of what you are reading (biography)
  • Read a biography and create a presentation for your family. Make sure to include important information, events, dates, and why this person is influential.
  • Go to the zoo with your family and read the nonfiction plagues about the animals. Then teach your family what you have learned.
  • Go to a museum and explore an area of interest
  • Research your favorite animal and make a presentation to share with your family


  • Make a game board using significant events or information from the text you are reading
  • Write a list of things you learned.  Make a quiz and test your family member.

Watch Planet Earth (or watch another similar nonfiction documentary) and take jots as you read

Articles & Resources:

Explore the websites below and look for the main idea as you read. Think about these questions as you read:

  1. What is the text mostly about?
  2. What details support your main idea?
  • Magazines
    • Highlights (multi genre)
    • Sports Illustrated Kids
    • National Geographic Kids (big kid version)
    • American Girl (multi genre)
    • Cobblestone (Historical)
    • Odyssey (science)
    • Muse (history, science, arts)
    • Time for kids (grade 3-4 edition, grade 5-6 edition)
    • Ranger Rick