NYC Now and Then


Activites, Outings, Experiences:

  • Visit the National Museum of the American Indian.
  • Visit the Museum of Natural History and find examples of how people lived in different time periods.
  • Go to Ellis Island to learn about the Great Wave of Immigration.
  • Interview family members or friends who have lived in NYC for many years. Ask them questions to learn about how NYC has changed during their lifetime.


1.Time Periods We are Studying:

  • Native American – Pre 1600
  • Colonial Times – Early 1600s-1700
  • The Great Wave of Immigration – Late 1800s-early 1900s

Note: Encourage your child to deepen their knowledge about time periods we have already learned in class.

2.Research what your neighborhood looked like during different time periods.

3.Pretend you are a child in one of these time periods. Write a journal of what you do each day and what your life is like in that time period.

4.Play dress-up and role play life in different time periods.

5.Once you have learned about the Native American time period in class create a diorama showing houses, transportation, and kids in different time periods. (Try this with each time period as we learn about them in class!)

6. Fun with Tech – Research using these search engines: