1.Array Hunt
Complete with a family member to see who can find the most amount of arrays in your home.  Remember, an array is an organized set of rows and columns.

2.Printable Games
Even Odd Scoop Game
Making Arrays
Turn Your Arrays
Array picture cards: (1-3; extension 4,5)

3. Tree Hunt
Go for a walk in your neighborhood and count the trees. Then, figure out if there are an even or an odd number of trees in our neighborhood You can draw it out, or try creating even/odd teams to help you out.

4.Problem of the Evening
The science Fair Prize Problem:
You won first place at your school Science Fair! You have two choices for the prize:

Option 1: You can take $20 home with you today.

Option 2: Take $2 a day for the next 15 days.

1.Which option earns more money? How much more?
2.Which option will you choose? Explain why. Problem explained and strategies you can use…(for adult and child)

5.Adapted Mind:
Become a member and math partner to your child


1.Multiplication Videos
Equal Groups
Multiplication Strategies

2.Apps & Websites
Monster Math App: You can tailor this app to work on specific times tables, as well as factors of any number.
Sushi Monster:
Master Multiplication Facts

Odd Numbers Practice
Skip Counting Practice
Skip counting and introduction to multiplication
Counting Groups Of/Multiplication Practice
Representing a Number in a Variety Arrays