Unit 7: Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System (Part 4)


Games & Activities:



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Games & Activities:

  • Teach a family member how to play ten plus any two digit number.  
  • Use the members of your family to create a story problem about a problem you had that day
  • Play with a family member the card game “War.”  
  • Play “I Have, Who Has”
  • Create a Tic Tac Toe board with a two digit addition or subtraction equation in each box. In order to put your “X” or “O” you must solve the problem and have your partner check your work.
  • Teach a family member an addition or subtraction strategy (Expanded Form, Base 10 Sketch, Open Number Line, Keep One Break One). Then give them a list of problems to solve. Check their work!


  • A student subtracts a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number and says the difference is 20. Both the 2-digit numbers end in zero. What might the two numbers be?


  • Solve a two digit addition or subtraction problems using as many strategies as you can! Create a poster to share your strategies.  Can you use all four?
    • Expanded Form
    • Base 10 Sketch
    • Open Number Line
    • Keep One Break One

Reflect: Which strategy was the most efficient strategy to use?