Unit 3: Super Powers

Unit​ ​3:​ ​ ​Super​ ​Powers In this unit, children will learn a variety of strategies, which will be referred to as super powers, to decode tricky words in books. They will point to words, check pictures, use patterns and think about what makes sense as they become more independent readers. Once they have super confidence they will bring their books to life through rereading, acting out, and reading to a partner.

Unit​ ​Outcomes:

  • I can use strategies to read tricky words.
  • I can think about what is happening in my books.
  • I can reread in different ways.
  • I can talk about my books with my partner.


Online Games (Websites & Apps):


Games & Activities:



Games & Activities:

  • Make a special reading superhero cape to wear when reading books
  • Ask your child to explain their reading superpowers and show you how to use them in their books
  • Go on a sight word hunt with your child–look for the words they know in the neighborhood, in a book, on signs
  • Help your child make a special pointer to point beneath words as they use “pointer power”


Record your child reading a book for the first time as they pause to use super powers to help them figure out the tricky words.  Watch it back together and celebrate all the super powers they are using!  Do this again at the end of the unit to see how much they’ve grown!