Unit 4: How-to Books




Online Games (Websites & Apps):



  • Help your child create signs with directions for household routines.  Then hang the signs around the house to help your child develop independence.  For example, how-to get ready for bed 1. Brush your Teeth 2. Put on your pajamas 3. Put your clothes in the hamper 4. Get in bed.
  • How to Make a Paper Airplane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwiZX5EYI7g
  • How-to Hide and Seek:  Have your child hide a small toy in the house.  They then have to your procedural words to direct you on how to find it (first…, second…, then…, next…, finally…)

Games & Activities:

  • How-to Charades:  write several procedural activities on small pieces of paper.  Then put them in a bowl or cap.  Pick one out of the hat and act out the routine step by step and see if the other person can guess it.
  • Use positional words to