Unit 3: Learning About the World


Games & Activities:

  • Nonfiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt
  • Use a post-it to mark the text features that you find while reading. Think about the purpose of the text feature.
  • Read a nonfiction book
    • What are two questions you have that you could research to find more about
    • Draw a diagram.

Listen and Read


Games & Activities:

  • Think about a nonfiction book that you read today. Share three things that you learned.
  • Think about three topics you want to learn more about. Go to the library and do some research on the topics!
  • Share the most interesting thing you learned from a nonfiction book that you read.
  • Share a new word that you learned from the text and say what it means.
  • Read a nonfiction text together. Take a book walk and then ask questions while reading!
  • Play 3-2-1!
    • Share 3 things you learned while reading
    • Share 2 interesting facts
    • Share 1 question you still have
  • KWL Chart
    • Share what you already know about the topic.
    • Share what you want to know about the topic.
    • Share what you learned after reading.


  • Create a poster that shares facts from a nonfiction text.
  • Make a Did You Know wall
  • Teach others about facts that you learned from a nonfiction text. Use post its, index cards, or pieces of paper to write down facts from different texts and post them on the wall.