Unit 1: We Are Readers

In this unit, children will begin their reading careers! They will discover that they are indeed “Readers,” and they will learn to recognize different types of texts they see in the world (e.g. signs, high-interest nonfiction books, familiar storybooks, etc.). Children will become excited as they retell stories they see in their books and proclaim “We are Readers!”

Unit​ ​Outcomes:

  • I can use strategies to read tricky words.
  • I can think about what is happening in my books.
  • I can reread in different ways.
  • I can talk about my books with my partner.


Online Games (Websites & Apps):


Games & Activities:

  • Go on a “letter hunt” in your book – choose a letter and see how many times you see it in your book
  • Act out your favorite book by matching your voice to the characters’
  • Find a favorite reading spot in your house


  • Sort a pile of books into different categories (e.g. storybooks & information books)
  • Prepare a speech about why you think someone should read your favorite book.
  • Make a sign to put up by your favorite reading spot


Games & Activities:

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and try to read the signs around your community (e.g. STOP signs; buses; trains)
  • Choose a book that you love to read together and have your child retell the story by pointing to the pictures
  • Go to the library together and check out lots of books that look exciting/interesting.
  • Give your child pictures from a family event and have them retell the story
  • Choose an “Old Favorite Book” (a book you’ve read over and over again) and have your child retell the story by looking at the pictures
  • Make new “Old Favorite Books” by rereading new stories over again!


  • Use a flashlight on a wall and ask your child to act out a favorite book with shadow puppets.
  • Using old socks, create puppets for their favorite book and have them act out the story