Fractions and Decimals


1. Print a set of decimal cards 

  • Play ‘War’
  • Order fractions from largest to smallest or smallest to largest
  • Play ‘Go Fish’ (You’ll need 2 sets of decimal cards to play)

2. Print a set of blank cards then:

  • Create a set of cards with fractions equivalent to the decimal cards (if there is a decimal card that says 0.1, make a card that says 1/10). 
  • Play ‘Concentration’ (memory)
  • Play ‘War’ with a mix of the fraction cards and decimal cards
  • Play ‘Go Fish’ with a mix of the fraction cards and decimal cards.
  • Mix the fraction and decimal cards and place them on a number line.

3. Using a 100-Grid:

Use 5 different colors to create a design

  • Count how many squares you have of each color
  • Represent these numbers as decimals and fractions

Example: I colored 15 of the squares green. That’s 0.15 OR 15/100

4. Go on a hunt at the Grocery Store:

  • Find 15 different items under $1.00
    • Write down the cost of each item
    • Convert the decimal to fractions
    • Then, create a number line and place all these values on the number line

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