Unit 5: Readers Have Big Jobs to Do



  • Keep a journal and jot any ideas you grow about your characters. Look back at your jots to notice patterns and see what big things you can learn about your character!

Games & Activities:

  • Reflect on what you have worked hard on this unit to become a better reader. Ask yourself, “What could I keep working on to get even better?” Make your very own goal for yourself and keep track of where and when you try out your new goal.
  • Read with a friend at a play date. Play teacher or coach. Coach each other at the challenging parts in your books. Say things like, “Maybe you can try…” “Don’t give up!” “Keep trying…”

Online Games (Websites & Apps):

Shadow Puppet: Take pictures of your book. Record yourself reading the book. Practice reading fluently and solving tricky words.

Shadow Puppet: Take a picture of a page where you solved a tricky word. Record yourself explaining the strategy you used to solve the tricky word. Share your video with a friend or family member.


Games & Activities:

  • Post-it a part in your book where you showed grit and were successful at solving a tricky word.
  • Share your own experience with a family member in which you were able to solve a tricky word in your reading.
  • Teach your family member a strategy or strategies that you used to help solve a tricky word in your book.
  • Practice the song “Be a Reading Boss” show examples of how you do each part of the song in your reading.
  • Read a book to a family member. Celebrate a part in the book where you tried out a new reading strategy that you learned in school.