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Games & Activities:

1. Study How a Mentor Author Portrays a Character

  • Reread a text you know well
  • Pay close attention to details you think are significant and important
  • Notice the traits, motivations, struggles, and changes of your character; then use prompts to write about the ideas you have
    • The thought I have about this is…
    • To add on…
    • This shows…

2. Craft Theses Quickly

  • Think of a story/fairy tale you know well
  • Think about, “What might the story really be about?” or “What life lessons does the character learn?”
  • Use a template to produce a thesis:

Some people think (story you’ve chosen) is a story about (tell the story briefly), but I think it is also a story about (life lesson the character learns).

3. Mentor Texts: Study mentor texts written by other 4th gradersStudy mentor texts written by other 4th graders

4. Notebook Entries: What’s your opinion? Write entries in your notebook in response to some of these questions:

  • Should we have more recess time?
  • Should we get paid for school?
  • Should we have a shorter school day?
  • Should I have a Facebook page?
  • Should I have a cell phone?
  • Should people eat healthier?
  • Should our school have its own football field?
  • Should people stop abusing animals?
  • Should our school have more recess equipment for older kids?
  • Should gas stations stop selling energy drinks to kids?
  • Should hunters be allowed in national parks?
  • Should kids be allowed to play Dodgeball at school?
  • Should kids have jobs?
  • Should every student at PS 11 have an iPad?
  • Should girls be allowed to play baseball professionally?
  • Should elementary schools have sports teams?
  • Should we have school uniforms?
  • Should people stop hunting animals for skin, fur and meat?
  • Should people recycle more?
  • Should we do more experiments/activities in school?

5. Research

Collect information about topic. Create a list of everything you’ve discovered.


Use graphic organizers to help you organize your opinions on things (OREO)


Games & Activities:

  1. Grow Ideas – Elaboration with Prompts

As you have conversations practice growing ideas by using the following elaboration prompts:

  • I’m learning that…
  • For example..
  • I used to think …., but now I think…
  • What surprises me about this is …
  • Many people think…, but i think…
  • This is important because…

   2.  Oral Stories

Practice telling the same original mini-story several times at home. When you’re done write a quick draft of it.