Unit 2: Word Detectives


Games & Activities:

  • Go on a word hunt in your books for your sight words.
  • Read a book and tally how many sight words you come across in your book.
  • Practice reading and spelling your sight words.  You can try:  writing in shaving cream, using paint, using play dough.
  • Choose a book you’ve never read.  Preview the text and predict what the story is going to be about.  Read the book.
  • Record yourself reading a book.  Watch your video and think about how you can make your reading even better.

Online Games (Websites & Apps):

Sight word online games


Sight Words

Tricky word strategies




Games & Activities:


  • Teach a family member what to do before you start reading a text.  (ie. read the title, read the blurb, take a picture walk)
  • Read a book to your family in your best story teller voice.
  • Choose a new book to read aloud.  Tally the strategies you are using to tackle the tricky words.
  • Teach a family member a tricky word strategy.
  • Cover some words in your book.  Play guess the covered word.
  • Share a part of a book where you showed grit and were able to figure out a tricky word.



  • Make a chart of the different tricky word strategies you use.