Units 6 & 8: Addition and Subtraction




  • Create your own story problem using numbers between 1 and 5. (Ex: I have 4 apples. I ate 2 apples for lunch. How many apples do I have left?). Act it out and then solve it.

Games & Activities:

  • Have your child play with dominoes (real, made, or printed) – Have them say how many are on each side and how many there are all together on the domino


Online Games (Websites & Apps):


Games & Activities:

  • Combination Bingo. Create your own bingo board. There should be four rows and four columns. Place a number (1-10) in each box. You will need to repeat numbers in order to fill all of the boxes. A family member calls out a number from 1-10. If your child can tell you a combination they can put an X or a 0 in the box. Swap roles. The first one with four in a row wins!
  • Writing an equation with your Fingers. Flash a number from 1 to 10 using your fingers. Then use your pointer finger to make an addition or subtraction symbol. Flash another number that’s 1-10. Your child will answer the equation using his/her fingers.
  • Sticky Note Math Match adapted from http://handsonaswegrow.com/kindergarten-math-activity-addition-game/ Take 10 pieces of construction paper and label them from 1-10. Lay the construction paper numbers on the floor in a circle. Write different equations on 10 sticky notes that have the sum of 10 or less (Ex: 5+ 2 = ____). Place the sticky notes in the middle of the the circle. Your child stands in the middle of the circle and grabs the sticky notes as fast as they can. They need to match the sticky note to the bigger numbers in the circle. (Example: the 5+2 sticky note would be placed on top of the construction paper with the number 7 on it).


Combinations of 10 Poster Project:  Draw 11 rows of 10 circles. Choose two different colored crayons and show all the different combinations of 10 that you know.