Fiction Writing


Online Games (Websites & Apps):

  • Go on Sock Puppets App and write a story to be animated
  • Create a my story book online


  • Write a small moment story about  a meaningful moment in your life
  • Create a character.  What kind of person is he/she?  What are his/her strengths, weaknesses?  What kinds of problems might he/she face?  How will he/she solve them?  Use these plans to create a story with a character who faces a problem, encounters trouble and solves the problem.


Games & Activities:

  • Tell a story to a family member, remember to zoomed into an interesting, strange, sad, or funny moment that happened today!!!
  • Ask your grown up to tell a story.  BE a writing partner to your parent:
    • Prompts-   what did you say? What was your body doing? What were you thinking? How can you show what you were feeling.
  • Storytell together
  • Read a story with your parent!  Point out dialogue, small action, thinking, feeling that the author uses to make the characters come alive
  • Collect ideas for stories with your family
    • Think of important people, places and things and important moments that you had there
    • Collect around strong feelings and moments you felt that way
  • Interview an older family member about a childhood story.  Write the story.
  • Write a story that has been passed down over the years.  Tell it together first and then write it.  Read it aloud to different family members and revise together.


  • Create a series of story books using the same character experiencing different problems