Unit 4: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles

Unit​ ​4:​ ​ ​Bigger​ ​Books,​ ​Bigger​ ​Reading​ ​Muscles In this unit children will use known and new decoding strategies to read more challenging books. They will learn how books become harder and learn to read using more complicated patterns in books. They will use letter and sounds to help decode unknown words and use more and more high frequency words. Children will also think about what is happening in their books to support reading comprehension.

Unit Goals

  • I can use strategies to read tricky words.
  • I can think about what is happening in my books.
  • I can reread in different ways.
  • I can talk about my books with my partner.


Online Games (Websites & Apps):


Have fun reading sight words

Games & Activities:

Go on a word hunt, find and write all the words you can find and read.


Practice rereading your Just Right books to your toys or pet.  Then have story time and read your book aloud to someone.


See, Say, Write, Read Sight Words


Games & Activities:


  • Act out one of your books with your family.
  • Read and retell your book.