• Scavenger hunt: You can find geometric shapes everywhere! Practice observation skills and notice examples of geometric shapes in this scavenger hunt, and then sketch and write about each shape. (from Math in Focus, Singapore Math)
  • Walking Math Trail: Look at the architecture of a building and the different shapes and patterns in its design. Which shapes or patterns give this building its character?(from Math in Focus, Singapore Math)
  • Geometric Photo Collage (from
  • Edible Shapes: Create edible geometric shapes using pretzel sticks and marshmallows (from FlapJackEducation)


Online Resources (Websites, Games, & Apps.)

  • 2D Shapes Jeopardy Game: Play this fun jeopardy-style math game alone, with another friend, or even in teams.
  • Polygon Or Not?Do you know if a given geometric figure is a polygon or not? Play this fun game to demonstrate your skills! How many points can you score in one and a half minutes?
  • Online Geo-board: Print these pictures and identify the different figures.
  • Online Pattern Blocks
  • Kangaroo Shape Hop: Race your friends by identifying the different shapes the fastest.