Opinion Writing


Online Games (Websites & Apps):

  • Debate Games: Choose a topic and argue against an opponent! Choose the best reason to support your opinion. Is your reason strong enough to prove your point
  • Quandary: Set on a colony somewhere out in space, Quandary tasks the player with settling disputes and solving problems by building sound arguments for one side or the other. Players tackle tough issues, sort fact from opinion, gather support, and try to make the best decision for the community even though there’s no clear right or wrong answer.
  • Argument Wars: The stakes are high in Argument Wars. Players engage in debate-style combat over real Supreme Court cases. Like other games on this list, there’s a healthy focus on argumentative structure and sound support, but players must align their arguments with the U.S. Constitution. After each case, players get to dig into the case’s history, finding out how events actually played out.

Games & Activities:

Use this Online Persuasive Essay Helper


Get Something Changed! Write a Letter: Research a topic you feel strongly about.  Think about possible solutions for the problem.  Write a letter to convince them to make a change.Use this organizer to help you! Here are some possible topics for your letter if you’re stuck


Games & Activities:

Family Dinner Table Debate

Pick a topic from this list (you can put a few topics in a hat and pick a random one or vote). Decide whether you are pro or con.  Choose sides! Have a debate!!


Persuade Your Family: Persuade your family to do something that you want to do, such as take a trip somewhere, eat at your favorite restaurant, get a pet, etc. Write a speech and read it to your family to see if you can convince them!