Unit 3: Measurement Conversion


Projects: Independent Project #1:

  • Ask your teacher about the project: Longest Bridges of the World


Games & Activities:

Measurement Word Problems

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Games & Activities:

  • Create a gallon man with your family.
  • Grab your favorite recipe and convert the units.
  • Go to your teacher to get these K to 5 Projects:

Projects:Family Project #1

Ask your teacher about the project: Tallest Building in the World

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  1. Select a recipe book.  Read to identify at least 6 different recipes that include liquid ingredients.  Prepare a table with columns labeled cups, pints, quarts and gallons.  Record the liquid measures for each recipe in the correct column.  Convert each liquid measure to each other unit of measure to complete the table.  Example: If the recipe calls for 1 Qt of milk, the chart would show:

C         Pt          Qt             Gal

4          2            1               ¼

Choose two recipes and double them.  Record each new doubled recipe on an index card.

     2. Design a Zoo Enclosure


Online Games (Websites & Apps):