Unit 3: Nonfiction Chapter Books



  • Conduct an Animal Research Project. Research an animal and write a book with the information that you learned. Make sure you include a table of contents, diagram, and a glossary!
  • Learn about a topic by interviewing a community member and write down the facts you discovered.

Games & Activities:

  • Make a list of topics that interest you.
  • Read a nonfiction book. Fill out a web with information that you learned.
  • Put sticky notes next to interesting facts in your book. Share the facts! Write a book including these facts.
  • Draw a diagram. Make sure you label it!
  • Read a nonfiction book. List new vocabulary words that you learned.


Scroll down and click on the organizers to download.

Online Games (Websites & Apps):



Games & Activities:

  • Go to the library and do research on topics of interest. Write down facts that you learned.
  • Make illustrations of the words in the glossary.
  • Cut pictures out a of a magazine or newspaper and glue onto paper. Write captions underneath.


  • Create a poster that summarizes and advertises the nonfiction book.
  • Make a game board of important events or information in the text.
  • Make a diorama. Write facts about your topic onto index cards or write a book!

Articles & Resources: