Narrative Writing


Online Games (Websites & Apps):


Games & Activities:

  • Sketch a story board of a small moment




Games & Activities:

  • Tell a story together.  Take turns telling each part.  I tell a part…you tell a part.  Take turns telling stories for your life and made up stories.
  • Read adaptations to fairy tales.  Make up your own.  Story tell it or write it together.
  • Ask a family member to tell you a story from their childhood.
  • Charades:
    • Generate a list of emotion words and put them in a hat.  Pull a word out and act it out! Guess the emotion.
  • Story Chain: 
    • With your family go around and each say a sentence and add to the story.
  • Theatre  Night:
    • Act out your favorite  story.
  • Watch a movie or episode with a family member. Think about the following things:
    • The setting, the mood, the characters actions and reactions


  • Picture a small moment in your life and take turns writing it one, sentence by sentence!