Rights, Roles, and Relationships of Citizenship




1.Sing a patriotic song with your family.

2.Develop a “Family Constitution”: Write down a list of important rules and responsibilities in your household and sign it.

3.Hold a meeting to discuss a family issue. Come up with possible solutions and talk about which one would work best.

4.Choose an important law in our community. Talk about why that law is important and what might happen if we didn’t have that law.

5.Create a job chart for the members of your family to use in order to get chores done.



1.Listen to and learn some patriotic songs.

2.Write down a list of rules that you have in your family. Why is each rule important? Are there any rules you want to change?

3.Create a poster that shows the roles and responsibilities of each member of your household.

4.Write a letter to a politician/community leader to say thank you for his/her service to the community.

5.Write a letter to ask a politician/community leader asking him/her to change something in the community.