Unit 2: How-to Books


Online Games (Websites & Apps):

Try one of the spelling games on PBS kids


Games & Activities:

  • Brainstorm a list of things you know how to do so well that you can teach someone else how to do it.
  • Practice writing your sight words using shaving cream, paint, markers, and/or playdough.


Games & Activities:

  • Find a kid-friendly recipe for a yummy dessert.  Make it with an adult or older sibling.  Make sure you don’t skip any steps!  Are there any warnings you would add to the recipe.
  • Watch an episode of Kids Chopped on the Food Network.  Talk about the tips and warnings you might add, if you were writing up a how-to for a recipe used.

The following HOPs can be done more than once.  Try it with different topics!

  • Use sequence words to teach someone how to make something you know how to do really well.  Have a family member act out the steps.
  • Learn from an adult how-to make your favorite snack.  Make sure they include tips and warnings for all of the important steps.  Try making it yourself!
  • Have a sight word family spelling bee.


  • Create a youtube video that teaches someone how to do something you know how to do really well.  Don’t forget to include tips and warnings!
  • Create a poster that teaches someone all the steps to something you know how to do really well.   Make sure your diagrams are clearly labeled.