Unit 5: Realistic Fiction – From Scenes to Series


1.Talk out your realistic fiction story map with a family member or someone who lives with you.

2.Act out the problem of your story with a family member. Think about ways you can make the story come to life.

3.Think about problems in your own life that can inspire a story about a character your age.

4.Share the goal and strategy you are working on in class with a family member. Talk about how you are working toward your goal!

5.Choose five words of the week or words you are practicing in class. Practice spelling them with a family member or quiz yourself.

6.Design your own science experiment using a solid, liquid, or gas. Write your hypothesis, procedure, and observations.


1.Write a realistic fiction story about a character you make up!

2.Try three different ways to start a new realistic fiction story. You can start with dialogue, setting, action, or feelings.

3.Brainstorm a sequel to your realistic fiction story. Create a story map that includes the main character, problem, attempts, and solution.

4.Choose a book that you think is a realistic fiction story. Jot down information about the character, the problem, attempts, and solution.

5.Make a character profile for your next story! Include age, likes, dislikes, and character traits.

6.Go back to a previously written piece. Revise and edit.