Multiplication and Division


Online Games (Websites & Apps):

  1. Aardy’s Multiplication Fun – free
  2. Ace Multiply Matrix HD Free – for iPad – free
  3. Arithmetic Quilts – free
  4. Bingo – free
  5. Factor Samurai – free.
  6. FactorMan – free
  7. Math Circus – free
  8. Math in a Flash – free
  9. Multiplication Genius x19 Free
  10. Multiplication Rap 2x HD – free
  11. Quizard Lite – free
  12. Reverse Multiplication Table – free
  13. Times Table Cloud Click Game – free
  14. Times Table Quiz (Multiplication Trainer) – free
  15. Sushi Monster


Games & Activities:

  • Practice your multiplication with dominoes: Choose a domino from the pile. Write the multiplication fact and solve using a strategy that you know!
  • Fact Family Bond: Roll the dice twice and write the factors. Then find the product.


  • Make a poster of all the multiplication strategies you know
  • Make a poster for all the division strategies you know
  • Use graph paper to recreate NYC Skyscrapers by making different size arrays! Write down the multiplication equation for each array. Then try to solve using one of the multiplication strategies that you know

Worksheets (Please ask your family to print these worksheets for you!)




Games & Activities:

  • Array War! Play with a family member and show off your multiplication! All you need are different color markers and graph paper! Here’s how the game is played:
  1.  The first player rolls two dice.   Those numbers are the dimensions of their array.  (For example, if a player rolls a 4 and a 5, they will build an array measuring 4 by 5.)
  2.  The first player colors in their array with their color (player 2 will have a different color).  Then, they write their multiplication sentence in the middle of their shaded array (For example, 4 x 5 = 20)  On the first roll, players must place their array in the starting square.  However, all future arrays only need to be touching an existing array on one side.
  3. Player two rolls next and continues in the same fashion, but from their corner.
  4. If a player cannot create an array because there is no space left, they lose a turn.  The player to capture the most squares wins!


  • I Have…Who Has…
  • What’s My Factor? (A three player card game) You will need a deck of cards. Ace = 1, jack = 11, queen = 12 and king = 13.
  1. Two players each draw one card from the deck. Without looking at their cards, each player must place the card on his or her forehead, so that the other players can see the card’s value.
  2. The third, cardless player looks at the two cards on the others’ foreheads and multiplies the cards’ values together, saying, “The product of your two cards is ______.”
  3. Players 1 and 2 then try to figure out the card on their foreheads, alternating guesses.
  4. The first player to figure out his or her card number wins 2 points. The other player gets a point when he or she figures out his or her number.

(a) If the product is incorrect, the players with cards must come up with all of the factors that make that product. For example, if the cardless player says “The product of your two cards is 28” when the cards are a four and a six, the players with cards must come up with all of the factors – 1, 28; 2, 14; 4,7.

(b) The player that comes up with the most factors gets two points and the one that comes up with fewer factors gets one point.

(c) The player that called out the incorrect product must repeat the multiplication problem, with the correct product this time.

  1. Deal a new hand, rotating who gets cards. Take turns until the deck is exhausted (Bonus question: 52 divided by 3 = how many rounds?)

For two players: To modify this game, draw one card and place on the table top. One player draws a second card and places it on his or her forehead and must determine the card value. The second player must help the first by revealing the product of the cards. The winner is the person who takes the least amount of time to figure out all of the cards they’ve drawn.

For younger players, remove the jacks, queens and kings from the deck.