Multiplication and Division


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Games & Activities:

  • Read the book A Remainder of One. Then complete this activity.
  • Do you really need to know how to multiply and divide large numbers on your own when you could just use a calculator?  The Mathematics Council is discussing this very topic.  Write a persuasive letter to convince the council that it is important for fourth graders to learn how to multiply and divide large numbers without the use of calculators?
  • Create an “I have…Who has…” card game that helps you and your friends learn multiplication or division facts. The top of the card should say “I have the product or quotient ______.” The bottom of the card should ask a multiplication or division question (not related to the top statement) that would lead to the next card, “I’m an array with the dimensions of 7 by 8.  Who am I?”  The cards should be linked together with one clue each.  Test out your game with your classmates!


Online Games (Websites & Apps):