The Student Invasion

We are thrilled to announce that we have our first student made tutorial! In the video, 3rd grader Hudson teaches us how to use Compensation when subtracting.

What is the strategy? Compensation. Compensation can be used in different ways, but in this video Hudson will show you how to take 1 away from the minuend and add it back later. imgres.jpeg

When does he use it? When subtracting from a number that has a lot of zeroes, like 700, 2,000, 0r 10,000 …like in this equation below.

2,000 – 756 =

Why he loves it? Hudson explained that regrouping can really mix him up, so using compensation gives him a friendlier number to subtract from. Using the example above, Hudson would do this:

2,000 – 756 =

  1. 2,000 – 1 = 1,999 (Take one away from the minuend)
  2. 1,999 – 756 = 1,243 (subtract using expanded form or standard algorithm)
  3. 1,243 + 1 = 1,244 (Add the one back that you took away in the first step)

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