A Morning with Dr. Clarence B. Jones

“At the end of the day, it’s all about love. It’s all about getting along. It’s all about coming together like we are in this auditorium today.” – Dr. Clarence B. Jones

This was one of the many takeaways from the assembly this morning, when grades 3-5 were given the great opportunity to see Dr. Clarence B. Jones speak.

Dr. Jones was personal counsel, advisor, speech writer and close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is a scholar, author, lawyer, professor at two prestigious universities in California, and the grandfather of two PS11 students. And if that isn’t enough to make your jaw drop, he actually penned the first several paragraphs ofDr. Martin Luther Kings, “I Have a Dream,” speech.

Ask your kids about him tonight, and to learn more about Dr. Jones click here.

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