February’s Book of the Month

February’s Book of the Month is The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig.


In The Invisible Boy, nobody seems to notice the main character Brian – because of this he feels invisible.  The author, Trudy Ludwig, takes readers on a journey, teaching us the loneliness of invisibility and also the joy that comes with being seen and accepted for who you are.

You can listen to the story being read here.

To discuss this important book at home, check out the resources below:

Discussion Questions (taken from the book)

  1. When the Bell rings for recess, Micah and J.Y. take turns choosing kids for their kickball teams.
    • How did they choose players for their teams? Was it a fair way to select players? Why or why not?
    • Have you ever tried to joic a group, game, or activity and other kids wouldn’t let you? If yes, how did that make you feel?
    • Have you ever intentionally excluded other kids from joining your group, game, or activity? If yes, why?
  2. “I’m so glad you guys had fun!” says Madison. Everybody did except Brian. He wasn’t invited.
    • When Madison and her friends talked about her birthday party in front of Brian, do you think they were just being thoughtless or were they being mean to Brian on purpose? Explain.
    • Was there a better way for Madison to handle the situation when she and her friends started to talk about her party in front of those kids who weren’t invited?
    • Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation as Brian, with kids talking about the fun things they’ve done with each other in front of you and you weren’t included or invited? If yes, how did that make you feel?
  3. He sits there wondering which is worse – being laughed at or feeling invisible.
    • How many examples in this story can you find that show Brian’s invisibility?
    • Which do you think is worse – being laughed at or feeling invisible? Explain.
    • What did Brian do to help Just feel better after J.T. and the other kids made fun of the food he was eating?
  4. Maybe, just maybe, Brian’s not so invisible after all.
    • How many kids did it take in this story to help Brian begin to feel less invisible?
    • What specifically did Justin do to make Brian feel less invisible?
    • Are there kids in your class, grade, or school who you see being treated as if they are invisible? If yes, what could you do to make them feel more valued and appreciated?


Making the Invisible – Visible:
Ask child to review the scenarios illustrated from the book. Ask child to consider alternate actions they could take. What would happen to make Brian more visible to those around him? Child is to write their ideas in the blank spaces next to each illustration. Invite students to draw and color a picture to go with their ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 2.03.16 PM.png

Can-You-See-Me Chart:
Complete the printable chart ‘Encourage Me to Not Be Invisible.’ In the first column have
the child identify when they feel invisible. In the second column, have them write what would ENCOURAGE them in that situation and make them feel visible again.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 2.07.09 PM.png

Poetry: Have your child write a poem about what it feels like to be invisible. They can write from their own perspective or practice empathy by putting themselves in Brian’s shoes. Here is a poem written by a 6th grader about invisibility.

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