ELA Test Prep: What You Need to Know

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Test Prep meeting, here is a summary of what Mrs. Luna shared with families.

The Breakdown of the Test


Multiple Choice Questions Short Response

(2 points each)

Extended Response

(4 points each)

3rd 31 7 2
4th 31 7 2
5th 42 7 2

What can we do at home?

We work hard to prepare our students all year-long, however if you are looking to prep at home, here is what you should know:

  • Most of the passages come from magazines. In the slides below, you will see a list of recommended magazines you could find at the library or order.
  • There are different types of questions asked depending on the genre of text. On the slides below you will find a list of questions that match Fictional and Informational Genres.
  • The written responses are graded on the rubrics below. As stated above, Short Response are worth 2 points each and Extended Responses are worth 4 points each. The Short Response rubric is the same for grades 3-5, however the Extended Response rubric is different for 3rd grade than it is for grades 4 & 5(see below).
  • You could check out this digital resource that was released by the test makers. You select your child’s grade and content area and you will be taken to a short online test with sample questions.
  • We want all of our children to feel confident and do their very best. The most important things we can do are make sure they read a variety of genres often and keep them calm, fed, and rested.

You can find Mrs. Luna’s Test Prep Power Point in its entirety here.

Here is a tutorial about one of the main test taking strategies we teach our students.

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