An Underground Library on Wheels

If you take the E or F train, be on the lookout for the awe inspiring Subway Library Trains!

As of this week, 10 subway cars have been transformed into larger than life libraries – a tribute to one of NYC most beloved institutions, the New York Public Library.  Subway benches are now wooden, the car walls are adorned with bookshelves and masonry work, the ceilings mimic windows and frescos.  However, the Subway Library isn’t just a pretty train, the NYC Public Library and the MTA have partnered to bring commuters six weeks of free downloadable books using the Transit Wireless Wifi network.

How do you get the books, you ask? Well, when you go underground sign in to the Transit Wireless WiFi network.  Once you are on you will see a prompt for  From there you can browse all the available books, here is the list of the available children’s books.  They have a smattering of fiction and nonfiction on a variety of reading levels.

What a perfect way to inspire summer reading in the city! Enjoy!

Here is a silent video that shows you the newly decorated trains!

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